Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Series

Ok, so this is about baseball- you have to know Baseball is my very favorite sport- to play (in my younger days) or to be a spectator! Given our proximity to San Francisco when growing up (ok it's the same distance to Los Angeles too) we grew up as SF Giants Fans - I think it's in our blood! My great grandmother and great aunt were always Giants fans, and when I was younger, if you went to either of their homes during baseball season, and a game was being played, they were listening to it on their radios. They developed a great knack of being able to participate in the conversation and know what was going on in the game.

My Matenal grandparents were Giants fans, so it follows that my Mom is a Giants fan, and of course my dad was a Giants fan as well. We started going up to San Francisco to Giants games when I was in the 6th grade- before that it was always baseball on the radio and we went several times a year after that until I went away to college. Then I was in San Jose, and that was just a short trip to the ball park, so I continued going to games!

Naturally it followed that when my sister and her husband moved to San Jose early in their married life, they were going to become Giants fans - so much so that when their first son was born, he came home from the hospital in an infants Giants uniform, and while she was in labor with their daughter - (that's when the Giant's Slogan "Humm Baby" was popular) the Doctor told her to just Humm that baby out of there!

We've continued the family tradition of Giants fans, as my 3 year old great niece recently ran the bases at one of the Giants last home games this year!

The only part of the family NOT Giants' fans is my other sister and her family - they live in Santa Maria, which is much closer to Los Angeles - so they have become, can I even say it - (It's a "D" Word) D o d g e r s' fans -oh the teasing that goes on!

So where is this taking us - oh yes, to the World Series - ok, so it's Philadelphia and the New York Yankees - primarily an East Coast World Series so not as interesting to most people on the West Coast- but wait, I lived in NYC for 5 years, and really do love the Yankees too - luckily they are in the American league, so I can root for them AND the Giants, without feeling the least bit guilty. So, I'm rooting for the Yankees, which may signal doom for them since every team I seem to root for has issues! Though they did win several World Series while I was living in NYC - that created a really fun time!

In any Event, Go Yankees!

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NanaKaos said...

I remember listening to the games those two summers I went to the lake with your family.
That radio was on whenever a game was being played. It is the only time I remember the radio playing at dinner time. Those were magical summers for me, thanks!