Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flutterby Wednesday

It's Wednesday (trust me it's Wednesday somewhere!) I actually had time to make a card for Danni's Flutteby Challenge!

I'm happy with the way this one came out - I could try some more of these!


NanaKaos said...

You do beautiful cards. Simple, but beautiful. Like other things I do I always seem to go over the top.

Maybe I'll put a few of my past experiments on my blog sometime. First I'm going to display some of my cakes.

Marcia said...

Hey! Thanks! Oh trust, me I have the over the top ones too, but they don't go on the blog! I look at them later and think, what was I thinking!

Can't wait to see your cakes!

deb said...

Love the flutterby! I love your mosaic image in the background.

Danni said...

Ohh, this is so neat! I love the mosaic! Very pretty! Thanks for playing along!!