Monday, January 12, 2009

She's still waiting - and some other ramblings!

My friend still hasn't had her baby - so I sent her this card today. She better have it soon, I think I may be out of stamps if I have to send a card next week! LOL!

Ok, so it was 76 degrees here this afternoon - absolutely crazy! It broke a 41 year old record - by a lot! I know those of you who live in cold country can't imagine why anyone would complain about this kind of weather on the 12th of January! Well, it's because in the California Bay area - we don't get a lot of winter - and what we do get is usually in January - if I wanted warm weather year round - I'd move there! LOL Oh well, it's supposed to start cooling down in a couple of days...we sure could use some rain!

I figured out today that the retirement date I set last year about this time is only 37 months away! That doesn't sound too bad - even if I extend it about 6 months given the current economic situation, that's only 43 months - even that doesn't sound too bad. It's about 180 weeks - about 1480 days - those sound a bit too long, but I'm liking the sound of 43 months, though 37 sounds even better!

Time to try and make a few cards!

1 comment:

Danni said...

Cute card, I like the colors you used.
It's nice to have some cooler weather!
Woo-hoo, retirement!! What an awesome thing to count down to!