Monday, March 30, 2009

If it's Monday - it must be Christmas!

I think I need to quit taking things so literally. I see the sketch, and I do it exactly, and I mean exactly as shown. I think I need to challenge myself to think a little more outside the box! I do that in everything else, why not with these? I guess it's just my nature to follow the rules exactly! I think I need to give myself a break! In any event, here's my card for this week's sketch!

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Maria said...

Hey Marcia, actually I'm the same way with sketch challenges. I tend to make it exactly as the sketch because I always feel that if I make it any other way, then I'm creating a completely different layout!

Your card is beautiful. Such pretty colors . . you cards always make me smile. It's always fun to see your cards each week. Keep up the great work!!