Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wii Fit

I've been looking for a WiiFit for about 6 months now - they're continually out of stock in most stores I checked, or the price was double what it should be and double on internet sites too! I finally found one this weekend - and finally got it out and hooked up Sunday night.

It says I'm not fit, ok no great news flash there, I knew that, that's why I bought the darn thing! But it also says I am totally out of balance and wonders if I fall a lot or do I use a walker or a cane - ok, now that's going just a bit too far! I've come to the conclusion that it's not as much a matter of being fit (I do need to work on that) as it is a matter of not being coordinated! I've NEVER been coordinated, I'm the kid that used to fall off the tricycle! Think about that one!
Yes, I did learn to ride a regular bike without training wheels without too much difficulty.

I was also so un-coordinated as a child my parents put me in ballet school to try and help - I think it did, plus it was fun! My eye hand coordination is pretty good, but the left foot, right foot, back forward thing - still isnt' what it should be. I can stand on one foot with no problem, but trying to maneuver my feet and legs into different positions at the same time - well, maybe I do need a cane!

Let's see how this goes for a few days- oh, I did do the ski Slalom and got to the Advanced level on my 2nd try - now does that sound like I'm out of balance?


Danni said...

I love the Wii Fit! My kids giggle at me when I do the soccer one as I always get hit with the shoes and also when I hula hoop! LOL!

Maria said...

Hey Marcia! Have fun on the wii fit. We have one and I'm definitely over weight, out of shape, and out of balance according to wii! I love the soccer one too. . .it's sort of funny to have a shoe slam you in the head! LOL!