Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jessica Watson Sails Around the World

I don't know if any of you have been following or even heard of Jessica Watson, a 16 year old Australian, who for the last 7 months, has been sailing around the world, non-stop, unassisted. I've been following her adventure for nearly a year as she prepared for the trip, and while she's been at sea, her blog has been one of the first things I have checked every morning.

She was able to write the most interesting and informative blog- especially for someone 16 years old. As I read her blog every day, I often wondered if I could have/would have done what she has done. I'm glad she made it home safely, but I'm definitely going to miss checking in on her every day. There is however, another young lady, 16 year old Abby Sunderland,from Southern California, who is attempting the same thing, though she has had a bit of a disappointment, as she has had to stop in South Africa for some mechanical repairs - her dream of a non-stop trip is no longer, but she is going to continue her trip to complete her dream of a solo circumnavigation. I'm following her blog as well, so I guess her's will now be one of the first I check every day.

I have always been independent, so I think that I could have done, and would I have done it if possible ? Probably. However, the things she did to get ready for the trip, especially securing the sponsors, would probably have made it a no go for me - that's just not something I'm any good at. (Don't ever ask me to be in charge of fund raising for an event, I'd fail miserably)

Ok, so I'm no longer 16 - (and oh so far from it) but is there anything I'd still like to try...(besides doing as much normal travelling as possible)? I think Sailing or Flying lessons could fit into this category...(sumo wrestling, climbing Mt Everest, digging for gold, not so much- LOL)

Anyway, a marvelous achievement for a wonderful young lady!

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