Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Number of 2009 posts vs 2008 posts

I just looked at the number of posts I had in 2008 - the real first year of my blog - and I had 120- then I looked at this year, and oops, it's only at 99 - and even if I post every day for the rest of the month (doubt that will happen) I'd only be at about 115/116 - so don't think I'll get as many blog posts this year as I did last.
Somthing to work on for next year!

Cards are in the mail, packages have yet to be wrapped - and I'm still up in the air about doing any more baking - many of the family members can't or don't want to eat sweets, so we've cut way back - and I can't see making stuff just to be making it, though sometimes I do miss the special "christmas" stuff we used to make - but oh those calories! yeesh! We'll see what the weekend brings.

Happy Holidays!

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