Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project for 2010

I drove home today through downtown San Jose- now let me tell you, this is no big deal as downtown is only about 1 mile long! San Jose is built around neighborhoods, most people have to go no more than 2 miles in any direction for anything they need - movies, cleaners, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc. So downtown San Jose has almost no retail business, other than a lot of great restaurants- however, there is a lot of old and new architecture here- the main library is downtown and the convention center and the center for performing arts are all there as well - and I realized, that although I have lived here the major portion of my life, I really don't have any photos of the area. Since I plan to retire in the next 2-2 1/2 years, I've decided that this year I will work on taking photos of the places I go, places with interesting architecture, etc., until I have a good photo representation of San Jose. I doubt I'll get it scrapped this year, but I will have the photos, so they can be scrapped any time!

This will allow me to play with my photo skills a bit, and see what kind of interesting photos I can take. Should prove interesting!

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NanaKaos said...

You have the right camera for the project, all of my building photo, except Hanford, were done with mine. The Hanford photos were done with an early model Sony Digital that stored photos on 3" floppies.
You you set yourself a worthy goal. I need to do that here too, but I need to wait for the snow to Go Away!