Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hard week

We had quite a week this past week. My 25 year old nephew is a police officer and he and his patrol car were hit by a suspect going 90 mph with no headlights at about 11:30 PM Sunday night. My nephew was eventually ejected from his car and slid 15 feet down the pavement. He had no broken bones, or internal injury, but there was some head trauma. He was taken on a life lift helicopter to a regional trauma center - and first reports were not encouraging. However, he is being called the miracle man as his condition was upgraded from critical to fair by Monday afternoon, and he was able to go home on Weds afternoon, after begging the Dr.s to let him go. His wife is an RN and that was as much of the reason he was allowed to go home as anything. They initially thought he'd be in the hospital 10-12 days!! He still needs assistance to walk, gets dizzy if he's up too long, and has some memory problems, but the prognosis is good!

We were so very lucky!

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