Saturday, February 23, 2008

Opinions please!

I need your help! I tend to choose the easier way to do anything, if the results are ok. I generally will scan my photos to save on the computer. But of course, there is digital photography as well.

I have 3 sets of photos here - Take a look and leave a comment on whether the first or the 2nd photo of each of the different sets looks better! That will help me decide if I should stick to Scanning photos or do more digital photos!

Feel free to comment on the cards as well! THANKS!

Set 1 - Birthday

The 2nd Set - Spring Time

Here's the 3rd set - GET WHALE SOON!


Just Me...Deb said...

Oh these are just to cute!! You did such a great job on them!! I love all 3!!!

Debby Winters said...

What great cards! I like the first one the best in the cards. As for the Images themselves. The top one of each set seems more dimensional so I like them better.

Susan said...

Great cards! Love the cupcakes. They look yummy! I think the second photos seem a bit clearer, but I like the look of the first ones. Like Debby says, I think they have a bit more dimension to them. Have a great day!

Deb Neerman said...

Well, I love ALL of 'em but I think the first one's look better ... much brighter ... at least on my monitor they do!

Thanks for visiting me ... and here's you 2nd 'Deb Hat Trick' for the week!

~Hugs, Deb

Linsey said...

These are all super adorable! Love the whale card, the sweet cupcake card is so yummy and that clock is so cute! What great inspiration, tfs your talent with us! ~hugs~

Danni said...

Great cards!
I personally like the second photos of all of them. They don't have as much contrast and look more realistic to me.
I only photograph my cards. My scanner always gives distorted colors and such.

Catherine said...

love all of them especially the cupcake care...adorable!