Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recipe Wednesday- Chicken Stuffing Casserole

I decided to put a few recipes out here- I love to cook and I have RECIPES! I don't just mean recipes, or Recipes, but RECIPES - not just in a drawer, not just in a cupboard, not just in the kitchen, but all over my house!

I don't know where I got all of these, some from friends, some from family, some from magazines, websites, you name it. Some I don't remember, but when I do, I'll try to give credit where credit is due!

This week - Chicken Stuffing Casserole - easy and delicious! (from a friend in Ohio)

6 bone in chicken breasts (I often use boneless, and reduce cooking time to 1 hour and uncover for 20 minutes)
6 slices Monterey Jack Cheese - (if you can't find slices, just cover each breast with cheese
1 pkg StoveTop stuffing (cooked according to directions
1 can Cream of chicken soup.

Spray 9x3 pan with PAM. Place chicken breasts on bottom of pan
Cover with Jack cheese
Pour cream of chicken soup over all (don't dilute)
Cover with prepared stuffing and cover pan with foil, sealing edges.
Bake at 325 for 2 hours, remove foil for the last 40 mimutes

This also is a great recipe for the crock pot. Put in the same order, cook on Medium for at least 6 hours - I've left it for 8-10 hours and it's just fine!



NanaKaos said...

I printed out a whole cookbook for my kids and sisters,it is full of family favorites. I got tired of repeating the instructions for my kids over the phone all of the time. Guess what? They don't know how to read. Grrrrr! I wasted ink and paper !

Marcia said...

at least you tried!